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Thread: New Howard 28 Deck

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    I had to pick up a part at Teague , so thought id stop in and check out this new deck I've been hearing about. All i got to say is bad a$$, that boat is gonna stir up some sales in the deckboat market. It looks like a closed bow cat from the side, but has a sh$t load of room the thing is huge, this is a Deck for guys like me and SYA (MEL) Big Boys. Gene gave us the full blown tour like he always does, thats just Him the way he treated us you'd think i ordered 3 of them. He says there hoping to have it out at the regatta in July i believe, it will run a Taylor 700hp engine ,sweet motor to its sitting in the shop. If your in the market for a deck check this thing out its Bi$tchen. and im not even a deckboat guy. Hell i dont even own a Howard!!!

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    That's awesome that you went over there to check it out. Gene and Mike are very excited about it, and so seems everyone that has been up close to it. I cannot get over how big it is in person. It will be a great combination.

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