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Thread: What an A**HOLE!

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    Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and BUSH? (

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    that cat is a doosh bag

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    CHICAGO Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says he won't apologize for comments comparing American interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Nazis and Soviet gulags.
    News of the Democrat's comparison created a buzz around the Internet today, fueled by sound bites of yesterday's Senate floor speech on radio talk shows. By this afternoon, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna asked Durbin to apologize.
    Durbin says the Bush administration should apologize for abandoning the Geneva Conventions.
    Human-rights activist groups and some lawmakers -- mostly Democrats -- want Bush to close the prison.
    But administration officials say some of the people who have been detained at Guantanamo later return to fight against the United States.

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    WTF are you complaining about!
    Durban has it 100% correct! Get off his back!!!!!!
    There is absofckinglutly NO difference what so ever between between performing surgery on live patients without anesthesia, making lampshades out of people, murdering 100 million people and..................................turning a terrorists AIR CONDITIONER down TOO LOW!!!!!!
    Well! Is there? :hammerhea

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    Let Durbin rant....the guy looks like an idiot. He is showing his true Democratic colors. When your opponent is making an idiot of himself you don't stop him.

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    The problem with these filthy liberal douchebags is that now Al Jizzreara will print that a US says Gitmo +'s Aushwitz. It does cause immense damage. Impeach the fckin traitor.

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    Forkin' Crazy
    Yea, let him a and Dean go... maybe they will run as pres and vice pres...LOL! :idea:
    If we move Gitmo to the US, we are double screwed!!! The fukking worthless lawyers will see to that!!!!! :burningm:

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