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    Just a heads up. Double check all your steering connections on your pump. Last week while I was in Havasu my steering came apart. The connection from the cable to the extension rod on my jet-o-vator. I'd been on the lake for about 5 days skiing and running around with no problem. Day 6, 6:30 AM the kids wanted to wakeboard. We get out on the lake, get her in the water.All set- HIT IT! About the time she pops out of the water, the boat starts turning hard to the right.As this is happening I'm turning to the left and wondering " What the Hell". I pull back on the throttle and stop the boat.The first issue get the skier back in. As I'm doing this I look down and I can see that my steering has come apart.The bottom line, I lost a cotter pin.Lucky for me the stainless pin that holds it all together was still there.Somehow the cotter pin must have broke. Boy were we lucky. No harm no foul.

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    I ditto this statement. A coulpe of weeks ago I was heading out and I decided to check my pump for some reason, I found lose allens and the steering cable was also lose. This could have been a really bad day for me. It only takes a second to check this stuff, I sugest everyone does it once in a while.

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    Thats what the kids are for, "they want to play, they gotta pay" Look mine over before every trip out, and check and tighten bolts at least every other trip out, nothing will stay tight forever with the pounding a boat takes. :messedup: Even have a "loose nut" behind the wheel sometimes.

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