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Thread: to buy a boat during summer or winter?

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    I have been taking rides in a few boats this summer & I am pretty set on picking up a late model to new 21’/open bow/big block/jet (with if possible 0% maintenance)… : ) for the family to play on next year.
    I believe it still holds true that buying a used boat in the off season is much cheaper than summer time, but does that theory apply to new boats also?
    thanks all,

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    spectras only
    JP , may be up north ,if I lived in california I would use my boat all year round,and the price would be the same.

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    If you want to pick up a great deal on a new gun in the winter you can't beat the LA Boat Show. I believe it's in January, so if you order a custom boat you should have it in the water by March/April. Most every manufacturer is there so it will give you a great visual on whos boat are fine quality & whos is a piece of plywood with a motor. Take my advise, dont order in June like I did & expect to be on the water in 4 weeks. Plus there is lots of competition & most salesmen offer huge discounts at the show.

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    Your dreaming if you think about buying a boat with 0 maintence (new or old).

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    The L.A. Boat show has been moved to March sometime. If your buying a new on order it in october/november. Most shops slow down, some almost go under due to lack of orders.

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    I've heard from people who've done it that ordering a new boat between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a great time to get a great deal. If it's been raining for a while (doesn't really snow in so cal) when you go, all the better.
    I also talked to a guy that saved about $10000 on a new boat at a large so cal custom builder because he and another guy ordered their boats at the same time. So we on this forum should band together and take our collective business to one builder - let's start taking bids!!!!

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    Used boats are a bit cheaper during the winter months in CA also, especially in Nov, Dec and Jan. I think it's because people are needing money for property taxes, income taxes and christmas money but who knows?

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    guess i had a little sticker shock when i was thumbing thru the "entry level" boats in the aug. issue of hot boat. 40K! WoW, just trying to figure out how to get the most boat for less. next month i'll be visting the local shops in my area (shockwave, essex, etc), & take a trip down to ultra.
    thanks for the input!

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    I agree with you about the ***boat "entry level boats". 40K is alot of $$$$ for something that is sitting on a trailer for 8 mos a year. The taxes & license is $4,000.00. I would go with a used boat for 1/4 of the price.

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