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Thread: Looking for some advice.

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    I just dropped a 460 in my 21 ft. Taylor. I am having a problem holding oil pressure. When I did the change, I put in a high flow oil pump, but when I'm on plane, the pressure drops very slowly. I let it get down to about 45psi, and backed down to about 1400 RPM, and slowly the pressure would come up. This ended up being repeated all day as at speed it would drop, then under idle-1500RPM it would come up slowly. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this? My thoughs were that maybe I got a piece of an old gasket in the pan, which is now sucked up on the screen of the oil pan. Has anyone ran into this problem before? Any help would be apopreciated...

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Tell me a little more about the 460 you put in. You can also call me if it makes it easier to explain.

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    b's sanger
    Where is your oil pick-up located (front or rear) in the pan. Also is your oil pan baffled.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Where is your oil pick-up located (front or rear) in the pan. Also is your oil pan baffled.
    But Brian, we both used front sump pans or mid sump pans.

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    b's sanger
    Hey Jim,
    I had some pressure loss with my front pick-up at speed. i have a rear pick-up now with no loss of pressure. And if his pan isn't baffled and his engine mount angle is back, could be an issue. Plus, how big is his pan?

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    What temp is it running at? Hot oil can do strange things...

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    Front pump, baffled pan 10 qt. Engine is running at 150 degrees. You think it could be the front mounted oil pump? What do I have to do to move it back?
    What is a sump pump? Sorry for all the questions...

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    Front mounted pump, rear or mid pick up, if it sucks air pressure will drop. Oil temp has plenty to do with pressure fluxuation. Water temp is not consistant with oil temp. So hot oil will read lower oil pressure. If it changes with load or heat you will see changes in pressure. 460 Fords run the oil pump forward, and if im right, you should be useing a rear or atleast mid pick up. 10 quarts of oil should not run out while accellerating in my opinion. One last thought, a piece of silicon or crap in the oil pump pressure valve could be to blame. I would check the oil temp when you see the drop. If that isnt your prob check your pick up and or pressure vale for crap. Maybe this will help. Im not a jet guy but have more than enough years playing with it all.
    Mike :messedup:

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    Thank you so much. Something on the oil p/u was what I was thinking it was, but I know there are people here w/ a lot more expierence w/ this stuff. Thank you for all the ideas...

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    Abraman1326, when you installed the 10 quart pan, did it come with an oil pickup tube assembly that moved the pickup to the rear of the pan? In fact, is the pan you are using designed for a jet boat application?

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