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Thread: Dominator VS Burkley

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    Purchased a 22.5 ft kachina and found that the jet was machined incorrectly, it was machined .200 off center and was wearing out the bearings. I have a friend that is selling a Burkley jet, is the performance the same?, is it blonds and brunetts? Both pumps are late modle can anybody help me with his issue?
    Kachina :cry:

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I would talk to Jack at MPD, he may have a solution to your problem without buying a new suction housing.

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    Thanks for the reply, i spoke with the owner of dominator and he said at that time it wasnt uncommon to see that, when he repurchase the company they retooled. I had a jet pump pro look at it he said the same thing about purchasing another intake. The wear ring is accualy visible from the inside of the intake, and is not fixable. Any comments of the differences of the two pumps, i was told that the burkley pump has a smaller boul.

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    your not going to see any major differences. I personally would rather have a berkeley than a Dominator.
    good luck.

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    I am going through the same problem with a dominator right now. The bowl was machined wrong from the factory. What a damn mess...... funny thing is that my 87' berk was just fine, hmmmmmm makes you wonder about dominator.......

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    Hey thanks guy, my boat is a 95 but the pump is a 96 and was told it will bolt right up. I have a droop with a jetovator, will that bolt up as well, and i would like to get some more speed out of it, would like to go to an AB impeller. the boat is kinda big for a jet but am willing to scrifice a little bottom end for top end, and how much gain would i get in top end. Motor is mildly built, bored 60 over with a mild cam. 454

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    What speed are you getting now and at what RMP. Im getting 55 @ 4600 RPM. Mild cam twin 4bbl lightning headers an a MPD 1.5 preped dominator.

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    Hey Kachina hows it going, we spoke on real jet My boatd doing about58 at 4800rpms. Im puting a AB impellar in and a liped wear ring tommarow, the guy working on it said that the Dominator impellar is bigger so will perform better, also the im putting my dominator bowl on the berkley intake. What impellar are you running in your labala? I was told my rpms will be about 5000rpms with the AB impellar.
    Kachina Labala

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    Im running a strong "a" impeller possibly a dom a1.5. You will have to let me know how the change works out. I talked to Jack at mpd reciently about going to a smaller impeller. he suggested that I find a way to turn what I have faster (more ponies) rather than going to a smaller impeller, because of the size of the boat.
    Acording to the JPC calculator the change from an "a" to an "ab" with your #'s gets you 4944 rpm but at 61.1mph

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    Duane HTP
    Performance of the two pumps is basically the same. The Dominator housing is a stronger housing than the Berkeley housing. The early Dom housings were good . They are good today. But there was a era when the pumps were being made in Hugo Ok, that they were junk. If you talk to Ronnie at ATJ, and he can tell you the serial numbers of the ones to stay away from. Dominators are good pumps. ALL companies have had some problems at times with their machining and castings. So you kind of need to know what you are looking at.

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