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Thread: Old Style Casale (Toploader)- Water in Oil

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    Finally got my 1/2 sheared pin outta my driveline collar and V-drive assembly out of the hull. Pulled an inspection cover and lots of water flowed out. Since it's an "Old Style" toploader Casale, I'm thinking the head has a crack in the cooling passage. Here in the MI area people aren't too good about winterizing. When I bought the boat the guy warned me too "change the lower seal (output shaft) of the v-drive". I'm thinking the water pressure was pushing gear oil out. Sound right to you guys?
    Anyone have a spare topcover?

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    When I bought my 66 Stevens with a Top Loader Casale. It made a real bad noise. I took the seats out one day to find the box wrapped in carpet padding..... :messedup: I called the guy I bought it from to see what the deal was. He said it was very loud so he just insulated it...... :sqeyes:
    It was also full of water...... :supp:

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    :supp: You dont need no stinking water... Run her dry... As far as i've seen the cooling in the top cover dont do chit... Hey also we know some guys up there who might be helpfull. Dats where I was born many years ago... If we can help give us a call.
    Mike :idea:

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    Time to switch to a split case like I am. Mine had those symptoms then it started popping out of gear, I replaced the detent spring, ball, shifter fork and a few other items (roughly $300-400) and it finally popped out of gear and will not go back in, now I just bought a split case and it is going in soon.

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    Well, thanks for the responses so far guys! I think I'm going to rig up some hose and do a pressure leak test (in a bucket of soapy water) on that head/cover and see if or where the leak is. Can't justify spending hundreds to swap to a split-case yet when I think this thing can be freshened with a new topcover, seals and gaskets to work for my purpose.
    Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye out for a deal on another "Old Style" or a splitcase.

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