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Thread: Live on OGR...again damnit!!

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    Doctor Feniks
    i'll be live on OGR again from 5-7 pm and from 9-11 pm PST tonight. hope to see you all there.

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    He forgot to add that our very own PhatMatt will be spinning tonight with him! !!!! I can just see him now in his parachute pants! HAHA

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    Doctor Feniks
    yep...Matt will be on with me from 9-11 pm PST tonight. see you all there...

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    Phat Matt
    Just got home. I'm packing my stuff, grabbing some vinyl and out the door. See you in a bit.

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    I LOVE your house music!!!

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    Phat Matt
    I just made it here and we are live.

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    Phat Matt
    Damn it. Their server crashed.
    Hopefully we'll be back up in a minute.

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    Phat Matt
    OK. This sucks. We start and then their servers crash!!!

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    Phat Matt
    We are back on.

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