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Thread: Big River

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    Did anybody go to Big River this weekend? I was thinking about going down for the day tomorrow. Budlight

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    I just talked to someone who went, sounds like there were quite a few boats.
    Maybe He will post and tell us what he saw going on out there. Hopefully he tells the same story he told me..LOL

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    Come on, details. Who went? We missed it this year.

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    Speedin' Ian
    Lets hear some details?

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    Sanger D
    My wife and I went down there about 8 in the morning and scott made a first time pass in his new alcohol hydro and then the boats started pooring in......had to have been at least20 to 40 hot boats,alot of very big,very blown c.i. flattys and hydros and jets of a few was a blast, good food,and bitchin t-shirts and some big tittied hotties,it was a bitchin day, little disappointment!,the water was hammered and only me, gofastracer,mike and a few other circle boats even got wet,yes need I say......"trailer gueens on that day"alot of very beuatiful boats and they sat all day I must say though that Art and I and a few others flogged the crap out our boats (once again)and made some really good passes,it was bitchin,(why I went 10-4)and mike took some AWESOME pictures and gave them away,(AGAIN) that guy is the dude of all dudes then at the end of the day (after we floated down river and sucked up the sun)the water totally glassed over and my buddy made some bad ass passes in his blown canyon jet at 94mph,it was pretty impressive and the big money flats had already gone home and missed the best conditions for hydros and runner bottoms EVER.If I had the coin and could have a big doller runnerbot.or hydro I would wait ALL day just for ONE pass in big river at dusk ,that place is the best.I don,t know why they all leave when the river is always best(for them) in the evening!!! :hammer2: but hey, I got my passes in and my ride was OFF the trailer and haulin ass all day!!!for some reason it LOVES big river,(like it has a mind of its own),it just seems to really march down there!!! anyways ,it was a blast and I will deff.make it again next year although it seems the dates will be changed do to chowtown and exspect more boats next year!!!!

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    Sanger D
    102 views and NO comments?? :notam: why did ya even ask

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    Did ya put GFR on the trailer with one of those hot laps

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    Wicked Performance Boats
    I went to Big River Sunday for Father's Day and it looked deserted!!! Had a great day and made some new friends BUT no one wanted to race!!! I cruised all the way to the dam, stopped in the cove hangout, my wife took our son out to make a few passes,[while I drank Cold Budlight] and then we went back to BR, fueled up and cruised to lost lake. Still no races, cruised back, stopping along the way to cool off and loaded it on trailer. I guess not too many fathers get to boat on their day! Budlight

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    Sanger D
    no way!!!,arts boat was marchin!! he was lovin life out there,my boat does,nt even compare to that boat,my boat isnt fast ,It just runs alot better down there, :mix: must be the warmer water and cooler air,the water here in bullhead is colder then a well diggers ass and the air is 115 degrees,boat has a hard time warming up up here,but at big riverits just the opposite!!there was alot of FAST boats, but noone ran em!!!just a handful of guys did!! :squiggle:

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    102 views and NO comments?? :notam: why did ya even ask
    Whoa, sorry man. That job thing keeps getting in the way of my interent browsing.
    Thanks for the update. We were there last year and were bummed we couldn't make it this time. Those early evening passes are the best down there.

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