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Thread: Fathers Day CFW Pics

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    Dang, wish I had gone........

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    72 Hondo
    Damn nice boats!! Where was this held at?

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    Kindsvater Flat
    I have some video of this one later
    SOCAL Tourists!!
    All in all I had a good time. Weather turned out good on saturday. Everyone looked a little sunburned. 1 guy made a short pass at 11:30 at night, needless to say he had to leave early. Eliminator tunnel (jet) blew the hand hole cover and almost went down. Driver got it to shore just in time. Within a minute it was resting on the hull while they pumped and got it fixed. Band rocked also!! Met with Bobby B and Conner on my way in. They were headed down to Chowchilla.
    Got about 30 minutes of clips to make so it will take a bit.

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    Wow!! That's just awsome! Every imaginable hull and power combination! That HydroFlyte is someone's pride and joy!! Nice job. Great pics, Smalls...thanks. Maybe next year!!

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    I see Sily Devil.... :hammerhea

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    SOCAL Tourists!!
    Ha Ha Ha!!
    Here is another socal tourist. The one on the left.
    K-Flat is was nice to finally meet you! You always post some cool stuff.

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