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Thread: My day sucked

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    So I went to Lake Elsinore this morning for a little test and tune session to work out a few minor bugs before heading to Havasu this coming Thursday. We put the boat in the water and I idled out while waiting for my dad to park the pickup. The boat was running rough as the carb needed some adjustments. Just as I got out of the no wake zone, the motor died. I tried to start it up again, but it wouldn't crank over. The solenoid would kick out, but that's it. No other boats were around, so I pulled out my oar and started rowing back to the dock. Fortunately, a family pulled up in a boat and pulled me back to the docks. (A big thanks to them for pulling me in!) We put the boat back on the trailer and pulled the starter. I got the starter to spin and put it back on the motor. We launched the boat again. This time everything seemed to be going good. We drove around for a bit and started to play with the carb. After finishing the carb, I decided to check the oil. I pulled my nice fancy Lokar stainless steel dipstick to check the oil. At first, I didn't see any oil on the dipstick. Well, I thought that was kind of funny. I had oil pressure, so I knew it wasn't bone dry. Upon further inspection, I noticed the bottom 3"-4" of the dipstick was missing. The doggone dipstick broke. The bottom piece is now in the bottom of my engine. Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper today. Hopefully I can get the motor pulled and back together before next weekend. Anyways, hope all of y'alls days went better than mine.

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    Nubbs I feel for you man, you are not alone in having one of those days that owning a boat is all about!! If only we could explain this to our friends yelling at us to hurry and launch the boat because the Coors Lights are getting warm!!! :devil:

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    I fully expect to be torn to shreds for saying this...BUT...
    I'd leave it in there.

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    me too, The stick will just lay on the bottom, been there, done it

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    If you have a windage tray ,the dip stick piece will just lay at the bottom,if you dont have one,then the oil pump screen will prevent it from being sucked up.I have several pieces of rocker arm oil deflection frames in the bottom of the oil pan.Took the valve covers off and found them missing .I know I had them all and now 2 broken off.That has been 3 months ago running at 5200 RPM.

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    Put a magnet from an old speaker on the rear of the oil pan , I've heard this being done , but never had to do it yet

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    A few years ago I had a carb nut roll off my fingertips and roll straight down into the open dizzy hole :redface: . It was a stern drive with a SBC and would have been a real PIA to pull the engine, so I just put a large pulling magnet (250lb I think) on the bottom of the pan. Never had any problems.

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    I am not going to say who's motor it was that that happened to but it missed the hole in the windage tray and the crank got it and broke it off. It did no dammage to the motor and we pulled the motor and dropped the pan. It was laying on top of the windage tray. Pulled it out and no problems. EZ money, Buy a pan gasket and yank the motor get it, peace of mind will be worth the trouble. The speaker magnet will not work for SS by the way. I would not leave it in there, it is just not worth it.

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    I personally would not leave that piece in there. Yeah now you have to spend some time pulling the engine and dropping the pan but that will probably take less time that having to replace a crank, bearings, or even a sleeve. That little piece can cause more of a headache in the end.

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    i feel your pain spun a rod or a main bearing this weekend in my v-drive sometimes i wonder if its worth it then all it takes is puttin the pedal to the floor and it makes it all better. ps in my opinion i would pull the pan and since you have it off check dipstick to crank clearance so you dont have to do it again. adam

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