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Thread: How do you quit ***boat??

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    Need to know how to get all of my info. including being able to log on.. I want off.. Thank you for your help..

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    Phat Matt
    Why do you need to log off
    Did you listen to our dj set tonight???

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    Just need to... PM Don you phone #..

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    Phat Matt
    PM on the way

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    Thanks he will be calling you... I'm going to go... Let him know how to get off HB if possible..

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    Phat Matt
    PM sent to GHTRIM

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    Girl, you have to go to ***boat anonymous to quit

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    Is it possible to quit ***boat? Don't you have to get jumped outor something?

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    Is it possible to quit ***boat? Don't you have to get jumped outor something?
    I know

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    Pretty simple..log out..don't log back on As for your info I think ***boat admin needs to delete that

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