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Thread: Is this bent enough to cause me problems?

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    Lake Ape
    Hey All,
    I recently bought two 2003 MB Sports 190 Plus ski boats at a bank repo auction (I had to buy both, they would not separate). I don't really know much about boats. One had a blown motor when I bought it so I replaced the old 5.0 Chevy with a Fast Burn 400 SBC crate motor. I plan to keep this one and sell the other. Anyway, I took it out last weekend and had a blast in the boat, it's freakin' great! This weekend I start to get a vibration at about 4000 rpms and the motor is good for at least 6000 easy. Could the small dings in the prop be the source of the vibration or not?
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    I have checked everything else, the shaft is straight, all the bearings are good, etc.

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    yes get it fixed before you **** something up

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    That's enough to cause a crazy vibration!

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    I would say that is enough to cause a moderate vibration. You should be able to have it fixed though.

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    yes, it is. it will cause severe cavitation.

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    Looks off balance for sure :yuk: get it repaired ASAP :notam:

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    You have one seal on that prop shaft that keeps your boat from sinking. Any vibration from the prop WILL destroy that seal. On an I/O, you could run it for a very short period, but on a v-drive, forget about it. You'll sink.

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    Tom Brown
    Looks fine to me.
    Maybe you threw a rod?

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    Tom Brown
    I'm kidding. Get that shit fixed.

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    I'm kidding. Get that shit fixed.
    Damn Tom you sure are turning a new leaf nowadays

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