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Thread: Dipstick

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    Does anyone know of a way to get the bottom part of a dipstick tube out of the pan without pulling the motor? Thanks in advance. Tim

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    Okay, I'll play your silly game. How DO you get the bottom part of a dipstick tube out without pulling the motor?
    Seriously though, no. Maybe torch a hole inthe side of the pan?!? Sounds like you ran out of luck bud.

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    On a 460 could you do it by pulling everything off the front of the motor back to the timing chain and get to it through that 1 or 2 inch gap between the front of the pan and the block? It's been a while since been that far into my motor. I think the dip stick tube runs down through what would be the exposed area next to and behind the timing chain. Mister 460 may know?
    What motor do you have?

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    Yeah, you could do that on a BB Ford. The tube on most car motors(front sump) is pressed inot the top of the timing cover next to the distributor. It's possible for it to break or fall off. If it's rear sump, won't happen. They screw into the pan and none of the tube sticks down into the motor. Unless you have some kinda strange pan. Chev's and others, I don't remember how their pans were set up. How the hell did it get there anyway? Never heard of that happening. http://free.***

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    Just a thought (Keep in mind I'm an amateur) but did you consider a magnet on the end of a flexline?

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    I dropped a bolt down into the pan one time when in the final stages of putting the motor back together, in fact it was already in the boat. It was a stainless bolt so I used one of those long flexible grabbers with the plunger top and four fingers on the other end. Worked good but it was a delicate operation. WHAT DIDI I LEARN??? Tape over all holes that lead to the pan when putting a motor back together!!!

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    Did the same thing on a small block I ran in a Monza back halfed car. I left it there and had 8g in the motor. Had a Milodon pan and windage tray. Nothing happened to the motor. Case and point, leave it there cause it probably wont move and if it does, counter weights will smoke it and it`ll land back in the bottom. More than likely. Get a magnetic plug, strong speaker magnet and run it on side off pan towards drain hole.

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    Sorry for the lack of info. In my life I only want the best so of course I have a BBC. The tube is pressed into the side of the pan and I need to remove the bottom part so I can install a new tube and get rid of the valdez type oil slick before I go boating again. Just my luck to have it happen now instead of in november. here's hopping for a short cut thanks Tim.

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    Get a easyout and tap it into the tube, use a cresent wrench and a pliers, turn and wiggle, hope it comes out . Jim

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