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Thread: Wiring Harness

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    Boater Bill
    Any suggestions on who to contact regarding main wiring harnesses? Thanks.

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    CP Performance has them in their catalog. I just checked yesterday for a project I'm starting on. (

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    I don't know if they do boat stuff, but I had a "Painless Wiring" Harness in my Scout, and thought it was the ducks nuts. I would highly consider them if they offer a marine piece.

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    Froggy, Are 'Ducks Nuts' really that cool?
    Bill, you can try asking Todd at Harman Marine in Anahiem. Are you going to OP6? I got an extra seat in my boat if yours isn't up and running yet. I just remembered, you have a wedding! You can come on Monday to throw our bail!
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    Boater Bill
    Guys, thanks for all the suggestions. Checked out the Painless website and didn't see anything applicable but CP Performance did. Also called them to get some more tech info on their offerings and they were very helpful. Still doing some more shopping but CP might be getting some of my easily earned money.

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