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Thread: Big Horn at Mohave (pics)

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    Saw these last week, just another cool thing about Mohave above Cottonwood. I guess these guys are starting to dissappear as the years go on.:frown: I don't know what they eat, cause they sure are in the middle of "nowhere"...
    Mark :smile:

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    Great pics. That's our favorite part of Mohave.

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    Each time back from the dam we have been lucky enough to see them

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    Cool pics. Havent seen a sheep out there been has seen alot of wild burros though

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    We see those down in Martinez regularly. Beautiful creatures to be sure.
    I can't imagine what they eat either. Maybe rocks?

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    Dusty Times
    Believe it or not they give out permits to hunt those things. As far as I've seen just for the trophy head to hang on their wall.
    I'm no tree hugger but I just DON'T understand why.
    Atleast these can't be touched while they are in the Lake Mead National Rec. Area

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    Nice pics!!! Our kids love to see them! We have evn seen them come down to the water in Gasoline Alley on mellow weekends! Pretty cool!

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    Damnit Tom. You got me all freaked out about the scorpions last time, now I gotta worry about goat shit. :yuk:

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Those are awesome pics, Uplink! Thanks for sharing them. When I was a kid and we used to boat camp we almost always had burros come through our camp at night to get to the water. We rarely saw them but we knew they had been there because they left us "presents."

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    Cool pics!! We were there last weekend and saw the same thing. Couldn't believe it, about 20 of them.

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