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    her ya go
    Bergeron Engineering Marine (
    Give Brian a call there. I'm not as tight with them as Mike & Tyro. But I still got a smoking deal.

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    460 jus getn it
    jimmy i didnt call me that day. got anymore pics and have u taken it out and tried it yet

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    Yea Bro, missed you Sunday. The boat porpoises allot more now. I got to get a ride plate. We had a whole section of vintage Jets back at the beach. Lots of gawking. I'l post pics as soon as I upload them.
    One bad note though. Some Fawkers stole my two gas jugs some time Saturday. I had the on the beach in the rocks by ramp 2. I wasn't to pissed till I thought about it will loading the boat. Bout killed Mike. Got squirrelly when I punched it. Reflex move. I'm even more pist today about it. Gas at its price today I can understand but If I find those Jugs there with some fawken lake lice. GOD WONT BE ABLE TO SAVE THEM! They are marked. Wish they would have just stole the gas. Could of been anyone. What goes around comes around double.

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    I really love it when I pull into a marina somewhere for "provisions" and such and folks stare, come look, ask questions, some even have compliments about how cool your boat is. I can only imagine a beach-up with a bunch of classics near the "deprived" public. :supp: There's something wonderful about the rumbling of a big block no 4.3L or wacker can match (or a "through ?rop hub exhaust). :jawdrop:
    Sorry about your gas cans, a pi$$er. Farkin' thieves are among the lowest of bottom feeders, right there with liars and lawyers (wait a min, that last one covers both).

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    Yup The two last ones are =
    SmokinLowriderSS yours would fit right in. It looks sweet. There were a bunch of nice boats back there. Two bad ass V-drives too. One that had a kick ass lope. Just idling he had a nice wake going in the no wake zone. We always seem to get allot of compliments from fellow boaters. Most started in these jets. Now they got 25' plus Daytonas. Brings back the good old days when gas was in the cents not dollars. I cant seem to remember that. Was a great weekend even with the thieves. I'm a strong believer in karma. I hope the additives I put in there F up the catalytic converters

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    Thx. You've got a sweet ride there yourself. One of these years I'm gonna make it to CBBB. Just not THIS year. WAY too many things going on. At least those things are boat trips elsewhere.

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