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Thread: Prop Size??

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    Hello all. This is my first time posting something and I am brand new to the ***boat go easy :smile: Anyways, I guess i'll jump right in and ask a question. I just took delivery of a new 25 Shockwave Tremor w/496HO. It came with a 3 blade 23 pitch, but I was curious if anyone that has this same boat is running something different, and what there top end is?? Any suggestions and/or recommendations would be great. Thanks again.

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    4 blade stainless will get you out of the hole quicker I bet. A 26 will cost you some hole shot but will improve your top end speed. A 22 will pop you up quick but you'll be 8 mph slower.......You also don't want to over rev the may need to expirament.
    It really depends on what you want. Ski/boarding/ better hole shot or best top end.
    What do the other Tremor owners run....? You might want to start a thread asking 25 Tremor owners specifically....

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    i have a labbed and a stock 4 blade ss 26 pitch for sale they are mint 270 for the stock one 650 for the labbed one

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    Dave C
    I would guess you could try a 24 or 26 4 blade.
    I don't have a v-bottom so I could be off by 100%

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    I would try a 24. It will probably be where you will end up unlessyou make any motor adjustments.

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    Not So Fast
    24 pitch, 4 blade Bravo 1 S.S. on Magic deck, approx 65 MPH at WOT, at 4900 RPM. Planes real quick and cruises at 48MPH, 4000 RPM sound about right??? NSF

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    24 bravo one 4 blade, will keep the rpm exatly where merc says it should be , have had great results (dana boats) :rollside:

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    Thanks for all the info. To answer the question, i'm looking for more top end speed then hole shot since I'm really the only that ski's.

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    I'm running a labbed finished 24 pitch 4 blade Bravo 1 on my Ultra. I only have the Mag and I'm hitting five grand but I'm a little bit lighter than your set up. I would think it would be a perfect prop for your boat. There is lots of people with your same boat and engine package here on the boards. I'm sure somebody will have an answer for you. Good luck
    Oh, and welcome aboard. Congrats on the new Shockwave.!

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    then use a 26 bravo one, it will slow the rpm down, you probly should stay with the 24 my 2 cents, since i do build boats, and prop them, according to performance and merc recomends, still best bet is 24 brvo 1

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