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    Mike, should be ready for you first part of July. Tom Said he will not have V-Drive done yet, but can get you mounting plate and case for Mock-up. Will this work? maybe get other stuff done until V-Drive gets sent to you? Such as Rail Kit, Cav plate mounting, Route wash plate flush, Fin, Strut, and possible steering and more depending on $$$$...I have a T-400 polished Case, will you need this for mock-up? Are you still real busy? John...

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    Prime 8780
    Hi John,
    Glad to hear that your project is on the way. We should be able to knock out a few of those items on your list. The trans case and the mounting plate with cases and shafts will work just fine for now. As for our schedule we are busy at the moment but it should calm down after the 4th. Call me tomorrow and we can arrange something for the month of July.
    Talk to you soon John,
    Mike @ Prime Marine

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