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Thread: ***SPAM***Mendiola Transaxle

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    MD4-2D Transaxle For Sale
    Brand New!!! I was gonna build a buggy and decided to wait another year or so. Very hard to get due to backorder from the factory.
    Here are all the specs... Mediola MD4-2D Specs (
    Retails $6950. I would like $6500.
    This transaxles has beefed up all the weak areas of the VW 091 with a completely new heavy duty case and gear set for off-road applications up to 550hp. It includes a 10" diameter spiral bevel design ring and pinion gear set. This ring and pinion tooth set is designed for maximum power delivery to the rear wheels for race applications. It's the same gear set currently used by the World Of Outlaws sprint cars, NASCAR Super Modifieds, and the Craftsman Super Truck series, so you know it's strong.

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    930 or 934 flanges?
    What gear ratios?

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    set up for a LS1/big block

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    I think 934, with the LS1 adapter plate

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    U know what happens when you put a spam up with no pics, right????
    I'm not that cold-hearted, but our friend miguel/kilrtoy will post it up for you!

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    click the link, looks just like it

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    930 or 934 flanges?
    What gear ratios?
    930 flanges

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    Will this work on a SUBY????

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