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Thread: roller rockers ford 460

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    how many of you jet boaters use roller rockers,and do they create more horsepower.I cant seem to find a decent set of them.People claim that you can get up to 40 HP with them.

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    that is what my friend and boat enthusiast + certified ford mechanic for 17 years assured me, i am going to order the harland sharp roller rocker out of jegs for my ford 460, item # 851-4005 i believe.i am also adding a nice cam, and possibly doing some exhaust side porting on my heads.

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    460 WJ
    My Harland Sharps work great... I would say 40 -50 HP..

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    I've heard good things about the Harland Sharps however, I spoke to some folks on various message boards that had clearance issues with the springs. It's possible that it was bunk, but rather than risk it, I went with these. The price is a little higher, but not terrible. $265 per set of 16.
    They're made with chromemoly steel and are slimmer (supposedly stronger too) than the aluminum types.
    Comp Cams Pro Magnum Rocker Arms
    Before Comp Cams introduced the Pro Magnum RockerArms there were only two alternatives in competition rocker arms: Stainless Steel for strength and reliability or Aluminum for light weight and low cost. Pro Magnum Rockers are made of 8650 chromemoly steel. This material is stronger than 7075-T6 aluminum which is used for most aluminum rocker arms.
    Strength was added where it was needed and reduced mass in low stress areas. The result: Pro Magnum Rocker Arms have less weight (5%) at the valve than most aluminum rockers. This means more RPM and valve train stability.
    The design of the Pro Magnum Rocker enables Comp Cams to use a larger trunion with more needle bearings. This spreads the load more evenly and the rocker will last longer. Other features include an integral pushrod seat that insures accuracy and saves weight, a unique rocker design also provides plenty of clearance for most high performance valve springs.

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    spectras only
    I've used speedpro rollers on BBF's with no issues . Prefer the compcams s/s ,that I have for the LS-6 in my V-drive boat.

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    i use harlan sharp on my 496 ford, 914 hp.. and havent had any problems, but my heads use chevy hardware and these are chev rockers... ive heard a few people complain about the harlan sharps, but like i said theyre workin good for me in a big hp unblown no NOS engine. if i ever replace them ill go with crane gold, but im not sure if they make them for fords. i dont think ill ever need to replace these, but we'll see... nelson#109

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    I would bet the TFS heads are set up to use BBChev rockers, but just in case anyone's thinking of going cheap and using Chev rockers on their stock Ford or Motorsport CJ heads, I'll tell you right now you're giving away hp. There are big differences between the two, and all you have to do is put the two next to eachother and see. For the discerning eye, it's obvious. For the not so discerning, it dosen't look like much, but it is. Trust me. Just FYI.

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    yes my tfs heads are made to run chevy rockers.... i too wouldnt want to see chev stuff on somthin it wasnt ment to go on... my engine runs all sorts of chev garb.. chev headers, chev rods, ect..... funky stuff, but i guess thats how you make a ford run right.... lol. steel, you planning on showin at the race this weekend? it should be a good one... "Beat It" Nelson#109

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    how many of you jet boaters use roller rockers,and do they create more horsepower.I cant seem to find a decent set of them.People claim that you can get up to 40 HP with them.
    If you have D3VE heads with the pedestal rocker valve train, you will need more than the regular components (roller rockers, locknuts, guideplates, etc.) in order to make the will ALSO need to macnine the cylinder heads. A simple mod, but just beware.

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    I am running Pro Form rollers. I got them for $188.
    No problems here so far.

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