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Thread: need artist to paint pinup on boat

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    looking for an artist that does pinup type of art. would like to find that person in southern ca. or could meet up at river
    any recommendations

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    thanks mike you are fast. i was trying to edit it and you had already hammered gonna go to bed and see where this goes tomorrow

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    Not sure where you want to get the work done. I used Chuck Parker in Oceanside for my golf cart, he did a killer Coop alien chick for me. Turned out exactly like it was supposed to. Are you going for a cartoonish pinup or a realistic one? That may make a difference on who you choose. Also, check with some of your local tattoo shops. A lot of those guys are into all types of art and may be able to hook you up.

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    AP Designs in San Marcos,Ive seen his pin up stuff,amazing,760 471 1024,tell him royal sent you

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    That Guy
    Call Steven Craig at SKC Customz in Havasu...he will do a kick ass
    Good Luck..

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