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Thread: Sanger Porposing???

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    Hi All, Just Got My First Squirter Last Thursday. Its A 75 Sanger Super Jet. Had A Question For All You Pros Out There. This Boat Has A 472 Bb, Berkeley Jet W/ Droop And 4 Degree Wedge. There Is Also A Short Ride Plate With Turnbuckles. The Problem Im Having Is That It Will Porpose Bad When Just Cruising Around 3-4k Rpm. When You Get On It It Flatens Out And Rides Smooooooth. Would Taking Out The Droop Help This? Just Not Too Much Fun When You Cant Hold A Tastey Beverage In Your Hand While Cruising The River. Thanks For Any Help Guys.

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    is the wedge up or down on droop if down take it out and run it without the wedge, then play with the plate some, start around 4 deg up on the plate then come down little at time to where it rides like ya want it to, also how long of rideplate do ya have, a droop really don't need more than 2 deg up, if you really wanted to wedge it for larger tail takes away from trim on diverter, what type of pump is it also

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    The Wedge Is Going Up. The Ride Plate Only Extends About 3" Past The Transom. I Was Thinking Of Putting A Straight Snoot On It And Taking The Wedge Out. Then Going With A Place Diverter. Wouldnt Pushing The Ride Plate Down Farther Into The Water Help Make The Boat Ride More Flat?

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    take wedge out and see what happens and maybe put a longer plate on it around 19-20 in plate with braces to help support it, the snoot is mainly for racing but the droop will give ya more lift it has a 8 deg rise in it, but diff things work diff ways on all boats just one of the trial and error things u have to do to get it right

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    ive got a longer plate to play with,we need to hook up so i can see how it takes a set and go from there ill pm my cell # to ya

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