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Thread: Think my jetboat can do this?

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    This is cool.
    I saw this on the Sandbar and thought you all would like it.
    I want one. (

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    how the hell does that work anyway lol

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    Okay ... too cool! It was kind of getting old until they asked if I thought it was still a boat ... then the football field ... addicting, I want one too ...
    As a funny note, one of my employees was sitting behind me looking through the office window and laughing at me "wasting company time" ... so I was busted. I told him to invest to become a partner ... until then ... GET BACK TO WORK!

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    Wow, that is the best of both worlds.
    Hey Dan, if you want to I can come over and we can start working on your boat to make it do that. I am sure it can be done, those boats do it. We will just need to glass in some wings on the side to start, we will do it real clean like the batmobile.

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    Now THATS cool. I needs me one of dem

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    Jet Hydro
    I was wondering how long before someone posted that
    And yes they are cool as hell, I wonder how much a full scale model would cost to build???

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    way too cool where do i get one ?

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    I want one of those.

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    looked up the web sight and it says they will be marketing them soon but not to email em they are getting 250 emails a day and are a small operation. hope they get em going soon. lol i want one too.

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    I want the full size version before the military gets their hands on it.
    That would put a new twist on freeway chases.

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