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Thread: Picture of my boat

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    Ok I've got a single picture of my boat from its first outing this past weekend. go to the media center and look under the jet boat section of readers rides and tell me what you think. I still have to install the new gauges and have the name and registration numbers painted on, but for the most part, this is what she looks like. Later!

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    lookin good. Forget paint on the Reg# and name do it in Vinyl. I can help you with that. give me a call 1-847-791-4140
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    Nice resto!!! Trailer looks hot, too.

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    thanks guys! hey how did you get the picture to appear?

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    Looks great!!!! What hull is that? Do you have a heat exchanger on it cause I don't see any water dumps on the transom. How did she go?

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    its a 1971 Rogers Custom Boats Cyclone. I dont have a heat exchanger, its just a crappy picture. the water outlet is next to one of the place diverter cables. its white so its hard to see. tomorrow i'll have better pictures of it, I think a my friend took some of me driving it.

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    Very clean looking boat!! Who painted it? Im looking for someone to paint mine all white, and yours looks great!

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    My friend Todd and I gel coated it. He used to work for Eliminator and does gel work on the side now.

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    That thing look bad ass. I totally dig the trailer. The boat looks very clean, good job!

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