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Thread: How not to use a nail gun...

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    So im at lunch yesterday and th ER calls and says they want a facial bone CAT scan on this guy, got hit with a nail gun...OK...get to ER, the guys sitting up in bed, we roll over to CAT scan I take the first pic and im thinking WTF.
    This guy says he's nailing over head and hit a piece of metal with a nail and it bounces and hit him in the eye. He thinks its just a scratch, Im thinking B*****t........
    Heres a shot looking striaght at him without his face on...whatever
    after doc told him he had a nail in his brain, he wasnt all calm, cool and collected, started puking and crying...
    Off he went to Loma Linda via air taxi

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    that is crazy!

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    Didn't it puncture the brain??

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    shot myself 2 times(2" STAPLES) ,once in the hand, once ALMOST in the NUTS :hammerhea they don't hurt till ya pull them out
    or the alcohol wears off whichever comes first.

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    Didn't it puncture the brain??
    Right thru the frontal lobe, maybe it will mellow him... :hammerhea

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    was he a tweaker
    that didn't happen from the nail bouncing off any thing

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    We were building some Hotels down in Carlsbad and the framer shot his brother with a 16p nail through his knee as he was seated. He could not stand up with the nail pinning his kneecap. Had to pound it out from the back as the head had gone too far into the front..... looked pretty cool to me.....

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    was he a tweaker
    that didn't happen from the nail bouncing off any thing
    Nope, he was a raiders fan(now what I mean, grey shorts and white socks)
    from the angle it looks like he had a jam and looked down the barrel to see where it was...

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    some guys just aint all there

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    I was at Loma Linda interning when a guy came in with a nail in his head. He was on the first floor of a new home not wearing a hardhat and the guy using the nail gun on the second floor missed the stud. The nail was smack dab in the middle of his head. The dude was fine, no short or long term effect at all.
    Crazy luck that dude had not to be a veg.

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