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Thread: jets/cam shaft???????

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    Are legend jets good?I saw they sell a pump kit that is moved back 6" or how about agressor ?Are thier any advantages to buying one of these jets? The reason Im asking is Im planing on having my jet flowed this winter and while I had it out I thought I would move it back and these seam to come with everything to do so?Im also planning on biulding a 502 with edel. 6045 alum. heads.110 cc 2.19 int./1.88 ex. want to be around 600 horse power at 5500 wiend tunnel ram 9.8 comp.950 dbl pumper,basset headers,complete msd system or mag. any suggestions on a cam sahft?

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    Legends are good pumps and yes they have the set back kit

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    Flat Screwd
    Well I hate to piss on your parade but I dont fell that with a 9.8 to 1 motor your going to achive 600 hp. and for sure not before 5500. Not enless your on the squeezze. A general rule of thumb, a carbed pump gas motor = 1HP. per CID. is a good runner. Damm good runner. My advice with allum heads bump up the comp to 10.5 with a cam with a small amount of overlap. But if its the cammy sound your after than 11.25 to 1 and a cam with more overlap. But all this set aside one thing to rember is that a big nasty cam that doesnt start working untill 4500 and the redlines at 8500 is NOT what you want. I think the 2000-6000 rpm cams are the best for a every day jet. Now if your set on 9.8 than a compcams 280 or a 292 might be what the doctor orderd. These cams are good to you valve train and should give you the most bang for you buck. Check out all the grinds before you buy Isky, Erson,Lunati, they elso have some nice grinds as well.

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    A friend has a 502 BBC with 9.7:1 iron heads. I watched the dyno runs and it made a little over 700hp at 5500 on 92 octane. There was more at 6000. His Elim/Daytona/Berkeley runs over 100 with that engine.

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    jweeks 123 you wouldnt happen to know any of the other engine specs intake,cam,valves,carb,etc.?????

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    How about 638 hp from a 454! Jim Valako builds this engine.

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    Im not picky just looking for a winning combo.Have'nt biult a boat motor yet.Who is Jim Valako?

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    Jim pretty much just works on boat engines. Specializes in head work but does build complete motors. Used to work for ROUSH RACING years ago. Be patient the server is slow

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    Flat Screwd
    Well gentelmen , I have eaten crow in the past, and I might just have to do it here, but this just seems like a lot to ask for out of a pump gas low comp. motor. Sure a 502 is a large motor but 700 HP at 5500. I could see it if were a 12.5 runnin on 114, but even then peek power might come at 6200+.
    Maybe the dyno in question is liberal with the numbers? But hey prove me wrong. Post some charts with parts used.

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    I just got a Clay Smith cam 615 lift intake and exhaust and 256 duration. Sounds good but it is too cold to run it right now.

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