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Thread: Bolster seats

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    Anyoneknow where I can get a pair of drop out bolster seats? Used would be best since I will be recovering them. Thanks for your help guys.

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    I've heard a bunch of good thing on OSO about these guys

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    I think SuperV had a set for sale. not sure if he dumped them yet or not

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    Thanks guys, let me know if you run across a pair.

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    Don't know what you're looking to spend but I want to upgrade to the newest McLeods.
    Mine are 02', electric w/switches on the armrest, work perfectly, with a grey trim around the middle of seat.....

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    I dont really need the electric ones, and this boat has a budget so I was looking for a used manual set since I would have to recover to match my interior. Let me know how much, you might have a deal.

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    Try Designer Marine Interiors in Corona (909) 371-7000. They build stainless drop out manual bolsters and more than likely either have a demo set or can build you up what you'd like...

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    thanks, im calling right now.

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    Hey Travis did you have any luck in your search? I'm looking for the same seats!

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    Bolster seats

    4 boat seats for sale. Includes 4" pedestal base. 120 or BO for all. I just need them out of my garage.
    Text me at eight zero three 413 6532 for pics. Tried to attach here but getting a message that Im over quota.

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