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Thread: Shocker................Poll

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    Bryan Rose
    Played out
    Strong as ever

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    It was played out ten years ago.. I can remember my roughneck telling me he picked up a stripper and gave her the shocker. On the other hand giving someone the middle finger is as strong as ever maybe ..I don't know !!..Don't ask me these phucking questions in the morning gaddamn it!!! :notam: :burningm: :burningm:

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    The middle finger,,,,,penetration is key

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I don't think anyone here ever thought it wasn't "played out".
    However, outside of everyone buying pocket protectors with their screenname on it, it was the only way at the time we could come up with at the time to identify another board member.

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    Senior Member
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    Feb 2009
    Beyond played out..... same level as "Running it Hard"

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    The middle finger,,,,,penetration is key
    find em' fist'em fauld'em and forget em --

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    a catered life
    played out like vanilla ice "ice ice baby" :squiggle:

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    sorry dog
    As long as French Poodle references are OK, I don't see why the Shocker can't play a bit longer.

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    bunny 166
    It's our HB sign, so I gotta keep throwing it....just so I recognize other peeps :smile:

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    Dave C
    LMAO... you're alright!!
    find em' fist'em fauld'em and forget em --

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