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Thread: Free Tan Friday

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    Today is free tan friday... anyone all day is free. All you have to do is show up to HavaTan in Rancho Cucamonga, on Foothill and Haven

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    Bump...It's lunch time. It's time for everyone's 20 minute vacation...

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    Hold on..I will be right there

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    Krazy K
    Somewhere else you can get a free tan.....
    OUTSIDE!!!! :notam:
    Just playin wit ya!!!

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    Excessive Force
    Too bad its not free saturdays!

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    I wish we were moved in already !!!!!!! I'd be there for sure!!!!!

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    and now i am home,,,,thanks
    and a bar next door....

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    1.5 Hours to go and then free tan friday is over till next month

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