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Thread: UV Leak Detector...where to purchase?

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    Looking for a inexpensive UV Leak detector kit with tracer dye and small flash light. But not havig any luck unless it's from a high dollar name like "Snap-On" etc.
    Any ideas? I thought local Pep Boys Auto Zone etc would carry such item but no luck.

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    Have seen them at O'reillys auto parts and i'm sure if they have it, auto zone would most likely also.

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    Another thought would be to check with the parts houses that supply the shops in your area. They tend to carry the tools and equipment that the pros have a need for.

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    Check your HVAC suppleiers. Same exact set-ups, flashlight, dyes, glasses. I ought an expensive one for 200, but I recall seeing cheaper ones.

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    call another autozone they carry it in a/c section usually on back counter with 5lb freon to keep it from getting stolen ask a manager they wear grey shirts they will know
    autozone sells it all in a kit or seperatly

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    Thanks for the feedback, my local Auto Zone does carry them. They were in the back.

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