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    Hey, still here doing the resto on my 18 ft. sleekcraft. getting ready to blueprint the hull and was looking for advice on the subject of adding full lenghte stringers. The current stringers end where the back seat starts, how much performance would I gain by shucking them and cutting the floor to add full lengthe stringers? would appreciate any advice!

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    I believe you're asking the wrong question. you won't gain any performance from full length stringers themselves. My 18' Hawaiian has stringers that end where yours do. But under the floor the are 2x4 "stringers" that are glassed along with the floor to provide stability and rigidity to the hull, they form a rigid box. With stringers, you should ask, how much strength will they provide? I think the problem on our boats is over time hook can develope in the area where the stringers stop and the floor begins, about a 2" gap in my boat. If you're going to run a standard amount of hp, up to 500 or so, it shouldn't be a problem. Over that the motor could be putting too much stress on the hull or so I've heard. Otherwise, you should be ok, provided the floor is good and you don't already have hook in the hull. My boat is a 1976 and the bottom is laser straight, as they say.
    All of that being said, I would look for full length stringers to be in my next boat, I just wouldn't bother trying to attach them to my hull. I have already replaced the 2x4s and floor.
    Just my .02
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    I have replaced the motor box and added 4 full lenght stringers in my Spectra 20. THe reason I did this was due to added HP. I would not do it again, I would just find a four stringer hull. If you are thinking about adding stringers call JOes Tooling in Sun Valley, CA. 818 768-4636. Joe is the best glass man in the SF Valley.

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    I'll vouch for Joe, He did a new 18' and patched a hole in the bottom of my 75 Howard that was beached at 65mph (before I got it)
    Hole was 6x18 in where strut used to be. Never would have known it

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    greg shoemaker
    I'm assuming that this is an 18 Sleekcraft rebel. If so it should have 1 srtinger after the engine well right down the center of the keel running all the way to the bow. What you should be looking for is bottom straightness and making sure that the perimeter of the floor board is glassed because this is where this boat receives all of it's structial strength. If you live in the valley Joe's tooling is a good choice for glass work.He still does all of our Kurtis Kraft Hydros. Greg

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    Thanks for the reply's, however I think maybe I was a little un-clear on what I'm doing. I am already in the process of blueprinting the hull (straightening). Their wasn't very much hook to begin with, only about 3/8 inch at it's worst but I figured what the heck may as well take care of it while the boat was sitting in the garage gutted. The floor is glassed in and solid and the bottem of the boat is solid as well. I don't know if there is a single stringer down the middle or 2x4's sandwiched between the floor and bottem. However this boat will not be receiving an over the top HP engine. I am installing a 500-550 HP big block chevy to replace the 455 olds it was born with so it sounds like maybe I should leave the floor and stringers alone as I am only trying to acheive mid 60's to low 70's mph. I do still whant to use this for the family fun boat. thanks for the input!

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