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    I have 86' 20'eliminator scorpion w/468 BBC said to have 500hp(?), berkley droop snoot. 73mph on gps, I,ve noticed the impeller is chewed up can anyone tell me what impeller this could have? 73mph@6,000rpm and should I go SS? other question the edlebrock tx-2 tunnal ram has a pair of holly 400cfm carbs is this enough? was told to go to 660cfm, but can not find any! THANKS!

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    500 HP is definitely in the realm of any big block. Obviously even more if the engine combination is up to par. I would say 600's are MINIMUM. If you have the bowl off of the pump, the impeller should be stamped as to what it is. Assuming you are just looking at it from the intake of the pump, it would be impossible to tell, on my Jacuzzi pump, it is stamped on the ID tag what impeller it originally came with. I would say it has ans A or B impeller. Stainless is about a 1000 dollars, and everyone tells me 6000 rpm and 600HP is the max for an aluminum impeller. Pumps are supposed to suck from 6 feet, so watch the sand bars. haha.
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    THANKS wsuwrhr I think I will go SS we don't have much sand in OK. If you or anyone knows were to find a matched pair of 660 hollys let me know thanks Joe

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    Hey okieliminator I live in Norman,OK .I have been working on a boat like you'res and have it hitting pretty hard.Drop me a line at my email address and I can get you fixed up with carbs and a impeller.

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