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    I have a 77 meg video I would like to post of the Wisconsin Shawano Lake boaters. I was wongering if anyone had a place that I could up load it to? So you could see it

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    Flattie, how was the season last year, with the noise police? I made one trip to Praire du chien in july. They were looking for blood, stopped anyone that even looked loud! all this in the midst of a Baja poker run :crossx: BIG water!

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    Kindsvater Flat
    If you want email it to me.

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    Thanks Kindsvater as soon as I finish editing it I will e-mail it over.
    The only time we ever get hassled is by the DNR. The water sherriff told us they have better things to do then check us every weekend to see if we pass.

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