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Thread: Slow Motion Civil War

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    Flying Tiger
    No matter what, elections or not in Iraq.
    Several factions are going to go at it in a civil war when we bail out.
    The daily terrorists bombings over there now are just a civil war in slow motion.
    If we leave tomorrow, or in a week,, or in a year,, they're all going to go at it, and the cruelest will win, and the cruelest will rule, like always over there.

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    Steve 1
    The consensus is they want peace and prosperity! Iraq like most of the gulf countries has huge Oil deposits But farm land plenty of fresh water in the past they grew a yellow rice that was prized around the Arab world you could smell it from a block away their dates were also a favorite .In other words they are sitting on a gold mine and a lot of them know that!!
    Also the capitalist system is their best friend not the Islamofacisits one look at the fact their stock market is working, I spent a hour on the phone last week and was told things are better than ever and do not listen to the news ,as for the Army they are in hot spots so of course there will be reports..

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    Forkin' Crazy
    FT, you've been watching too much CNN.

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    Old Texan
    The Sunni clerics are already backing down on their resistance by the encouragement to vote in the recent election. They know civil war is a losing proposition and want to get involved in the new government.
    Listening to the doomsayers is depressing and for whatever idiotic reason, the general media refuses to look at the real picture. If you want to really know what is happening find a military person that has been there. You will get the real story.
    Sure the terrorist faction is causing chaos, but the general population is getting stronger and more confident by the day.
    Bush is GWB is far more popular in Iraq than amonst our libbie camps here at home.

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