Happynewyear Need Help!!? Jetsforme
TATHITIAN DRAGON BUSY BLUEPRINTING THE NEW BOATBOTTOM == CANT GET MY LOG ON TO WORK SO HERE IT GOES NEED HELP FOLKS== CALL ME JB== THINKS ITS JETS4ME I MET UP NORTH RACING IT WAS BOWLING NIGHT== please go to link and vote for RA BROWN in group 1-5 HAPPYNEWYEAR and thanks to all that voted the Honor And Recognition for being MostPopular Driver of the Year goes to all of you that voted !! the LINK http://p198.ezboard.com/fkingsportspeedwayfrm1
no link so sorry please surf through www.uara-stars.com its the series we finished 5th is say proudly once again HAPPY NEW YEAR thaanks back to blueprinting the boat
www.ralphbrownracing.com its all about the Fans @ R.B.R. love me some jetboat fishing!!