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Thread: NW Boaters: What Lake for NewYears day??

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    They fellow Nor'Wester's, are we going to try to get some boats together and make some noise on New Years Day?? If so what lake/river/pond, and what time?
    A quick check of the weather says: 50% chance of rain and mid-high 40* .. I'm good with that, it's not snow or below freezing!!!

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    1978 Rogers
    I'm out, since its going to rain. No place to let it dry out if it does rain. We need a clear day.

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    Your engine doesn't hold water at the moment either does it?
    I don't think I can do it either, probably be working.

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    1978 Rogers
    just have to put the plugs back in and logs on. :cry:

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    Hey Eric, it's difficult to 'runner hard' with shrinkage!

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    I tell ya you need to get a junk heater

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    I didn't make it out either , got busy working on my most recent project, adn then the wind kickked up. Also had no one to go out with me, and don't like going out solo. Will see what it looks like tomorrow, maybe a quick run at Spanaway, just to piss off the locals. :crossx: :220v:

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    Too damn wet and windy for me. had their New Years day run today and I sat and watched those guys spend half of the time out of the water on the way past our place and knocked on wood that we didn't get some crazy idea like that
    Did look like alot of fun though.........

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    I woke up to that nasty wind this morning. Kinda figured it would have made for a bad day on the water. :skull:

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