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Thread: Billet main caps

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    On the last rebuild of my BBC drag motor the machine shop told me that 2 of my main caps were loose in the saddles. They cut down the edges of them and welded them then turned them down and they fit very tightly.
    Looks like I might freshen up the motor. Have any of you guys put in new Milodon steel main caps and had an align bore? Going to be fairly expensive, about 400.00, but I'd like to keep my block since it is the correct bore and O ringed.
    Did you have a good experience with the billet caps?

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    I have had good luck with them. I had a 2 bolt block and had them put 4 bolt splayed caps on it. Worked out great.

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    Those caps are sweet but you need to have the "correct" type of line bore done on it. .030" of material needs to be removed from the caps. That's quite a lot. You need to have them done using a line bore that runs a cutter throught the block. If you use the type of line borer with the stones you'll take too much metal from the block. This results in moving the crank closer to the cam and always having a loose timing chain. Hope you could understand my Friday ranting. Good luck!

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    I have used these type of caps several times and have had good luck with them although mr460 is right a boring machine has to be used not a hone style but i'm sure your machinist knows that good luck!
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