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Thread: Anyone watching the Twilite Zone Marathon? Favorite episodes?:

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    Flying Tiger
    Peter Falk (Columbo) is on now as Fidel Castro.
    I forgot this episode.
    My favorite has to still be terror at xx000 feet with William Shatner.
    Sci Fi channel is running a marathon.
    Whats your favorite episodes?

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    The alien one where the bus driver, the old guy and the shopkeeper has that third eye under his hat....
    The lost in space one where the telephone poles were just over the hill, and the guy kills his partner for a little bit of water.....
    But of all time...."To Serve Man".......was the greatest though.

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    My favorite just ended. The gremlin on the airplane wing. Def a good one. :rollside:

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    To serve man, for sure. wasn't it called "How to serve man"?
    I also liked the one about the all of the great friends/neighbors turning on eachother while trying to get into a one family bomb shelter...only to find out it was a false alarm. It was great commentary on how quickly humans will turn on eachother in crisis.

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    No but thanks for asking! (I'm trying to get past Blown472 )

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    Favorite-Burgess Meredith is an avid reader and wears coke-bottle thick glasses. He is the only survivor of a nuclear holocaust, finds himself at the library, and happily settles down to a life of uninterrupted reading, only to accidently smash his glasses. So sad.

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