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    i have an audio question...all of our boats w/ the over transom exhaust are loud, but do any of you guys have a speaker system in them? can you hear any of the music? or is it just used when the engine is off? i was just curious cuz when i bought the boat it has 2 6 by 9's under the dash w/ a head unit hookup. thanx for your help...

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    Shark In The Pond
    1800 watts and 10 speakers in my Jet and you can hear it while underway but when you start moving pretty good the wind noise tones the music down . It takes alot of stereo to get past the headers and wind !

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    I didn't want to add much weight so i just put a head unit and 4 small speakers. Sounds good enough when the motor is off and you can hear it idleing with baffles in but at speed or uncorked forget it.. I wouldn't think you'd be able to hear much music period under way with any size system.

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    The motor sounds better anyway

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    The motor sounds better anyway
    I agree, in a boat with ot pipes your there for the sound.
    I just bring along a battery opr. boombox for some tunes on the sand bar, besides speaker boxes and subs with big magnets just add to the weight of the boat and slow ya down :crossx:

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    yeah for sure thanx for the opinions guys

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