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    I would like to upgrade the Carb and Intake manifold on my 4.3L Volvo engine. Can I put parts on it that are listed for the 4.3l Chevy. Also, how much upgrade can I do to the motor befor I have to move away from the stock thru the drive exhaust.

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    I don't think anyone makes an exhaust system for a v6.

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    We have found the best upgrade for the 4.3 is 2 extra cylinders. The 4.3 is an excellent motor to go in a boat, but for performance I would start with a better platform.

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    If I go with a 350, can I use a standard automotive block. Also, what else has to be marine and what could be automotive if I build it myself.

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    What kind of boat is this going in?

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    The boat is a 20ft cuddy cabin.

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    sea buddy
    Change your outdrives gears too.

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    MP16, if you are looking for info on what is different on a marine engine and what you can do with it, get the book by Dennis Moore "Small-Block Chevy Marine Performance". The book will answer all those questions and tell you what you can do to it to max performance for you application.

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