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Thread: Any die hard Tahiti fans?

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    Jake W2
    I have a TAHITI foot petal in nice shape I would like it to go to a diehard fan of TAHITI.
    The petal has the cable stuck in it and the cable is cut off rite befor the floor mount it still works and all that just needs to be a wall mount or some one that wants to drill out the old keeper and install a new one.
    This petal says Tahiti on it across the foot part.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Any die hard Tahiti fans?
    Is that some kind of Football team ???

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    you should know by now that I am.....still love the lines of most Tahitis. I should've kept my 19' and sold the Bahner but got out voted

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    I have a 69 Tahiti, but my pedal assy is plain and works just fine. Will this one make my boat faster?.....MP

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    jake if no one takes it i will and try and fix it and use it on my son's tahiti.

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    Jake, I'm about as die hard as they come when it comes to Tahiti's. I'd love to pick that up for a future project, to go with the emblems I kept off the 29th one built.
    Have any idea what you want for it?

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    I'll put it right along side the metal emblems I've kept for the past 25 years :rollside:

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    Gawd, I thought I was the only one who kept this old crap.

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    Jake W2
    Its free I just want to give it to some one that will not turn it around.I bought it a while back for 40 bucks and it has been in my comp room on a shelf just thought some one might be looking for one.
    ST Football Sucks.I like $hit that makes noise not abunch of over paid men patting each other on the ass..

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