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Thread: Corvette FRC For Sale...

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    Selling the Vette... $29,900
    2000 FRC. That means "Fixed Roof Coupe". There were not a whole lot of these made, but they are the precursor to the Z06. It is the factory hard top car with the same roofline found in the Z. With a thinner windshield, less sound deadening, manual transmission only (6 speed), front brake ducts and projector lights and other odds and ends, it lost a pile of weight over the coupe and roadsters, and was truly an enthusiasts Corvette. This particular car is black on black (one of only three colors offered in the FRC) and has the somewhat rare HUD. It has myriad modifications including but not limited to LS6 intake and cam, F&N FIPK carbon fiber intake and filter, Carbon valve covers and little goodies, LS1 Edit performed with a Bassani X-haust long tube header system with X pipe, metallicats and SC (Street Competition) stainless exhaust system. Headers have been jet-hot coated and exhaust is 100% polished stainless. For braking it has Baer Eradispeed rotors and calipers that were custom powdercoated candy blue to match some accents on the car. Some of the better pics of the car taken for Corvette Fever magazine are located on the Kinesis site on the Chevrolet page.
    Wheels are approximately $1,500+ per corner. Doing the math, you can see that the rims alone would be a $6,000 cost to purchase.
    For a little history, the car was featured in the 2004 SEMA show in the Bassani booth. These pics show the car tilted to show off the full polished exhaust with the mirrors underneath.
    For the show it got an RK Sports supercharger hood, the exhaust, LS1 edit 19" K29 Kinesis Motorsport wheels with Michellin Pilot sport tires and a pile of other little goodies. Best compliment at the show was that it was easy to keep a car looking new when it was a trailer queen. That was with 50K on the ticker. Here is a pic from the Bassani poster before the Kinesis rims...
    Here are a couple other shots...
    Additional factory goodies include the six disk changer, Heads up display, sport seats, dual zone climate control, etc... Car is loaded.
    Asking a very realistic $29,500 for the car. It is immaculately detailed and clean and all logos have been removed from the car. Underhood looks amazing, and the vehicle has been very well cared for. Daily driver right now. I can't imagine how much money is tied up in the vehicle, but the boss was clear. Off the Vette or no new Z06...
    Anyone interested can contact me at Trident at (619)448-8584 or on my cell at (619)823-5643.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    I honestly think the car and the babe are the only way I may convert. I think you owe the GM Gods this, so just deliver them to me here in Bullhead ASAP !!!
    Thank you
    This message will delete it self in 2hrs
    Well, I can get the girl to deliver it if that will help...

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    That's a nice looking car Wes and it's gotta be one of the last things I need right now... right up there with a Harley.
    Doesn't mean I can't have a wish list though right???

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    Well, I can get the girl to deliver it if that will help...
    Too bad you dont want a Spectra and some $$$ I might be able to swing it. That is a great price for the Car Wes, good luck selling it. If I could figure a way to swing it I would be all over it. But right now it aint happening.

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    She needs to smile more....
    If I wasn't looking at buying a house this spring, I'd be all over that 'vette.

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    Wes, please delete this before Jeff sees it. I'm begging you
    MMSW<---never gonna get that Tahoe now.

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    Well, I can get the girl to deliver it if that will help...
    Can we arrange a meeting with her when I meet ya for the test run in the trident??
    ^^ A little wishful thinking
    Good luck on the sale of that wicked ass car!

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    I might get flamed for saying this but here goes:::
    I think the car looks much better then the chick.

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    I might get flamed for saying this but here goes:::
    I think the car looks much better then the chick.
    And in the long run, the car would be much cheaper. :rollside:

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    And in the long run, the car would be much cheaper. :rollside:
    but not near as much fun to rearend :crossx:

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