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Thread: Northstar Indmar Engines and Drives

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    Starting to see more Mfg's offering Indmars.
    The GM Northstar, modified a bit with a Marine drive.
    Can't say I've ever seen an Indmar service center like ya see Mercury and Penta all over the place.
    We got to talking at the Sandbar, and figured through beer philosopy, that the Boat Mfgs are starting to use Indmars because then they have propriatary service & parts. That is, ya have to take it to their dealer for repair. Ain't no place else to go.
    Wadaya ya think,, and are Indmars any good?

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    I know of a guy putting a caddy Northstar, lightly modified , in a hot boat.. That's an aluminum, injected, hemi, And even in a caddy, they haul ass. Killer engine tech...How about that package built for a GMC truck????....Moneypitt

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    UBFJ #454
    Been There ... Heads are not true hemi's, room for valves too limited to get enough flow to make serious Hp, valve seats unreliable under extreme conditions, special dual OH cams a nightmare in cost alone, can't get enough stroke for ci's, etc., etc, etc. ... I don't think the Northstar design is suited for serious marine use ... but ... I'm sure someone does ... Oh Well, Better Them Than Me.
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    I'd make room in my boat for THIS Northstar!

    13.6L, 828 cubic inches! 1000 HP, 1000 ft-lbs of Torque! 64 lbs less then an 8.1L 496. I'd learn to deal with the smooth idle. wink
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