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Thread: Political Forum Guidelines

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    see below

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    This forum has regressed.
    The forum was established for the purpose of "discussion" and "debate" on political topics.
    It has regressed into "name calling", "inflamatory one liners", and threads posted of links to some other website for a large part.
    So we have some new and additional guidelines.
    1. Threads posted with simply links to other websites will be removed unless those threads also include some form of meaningful argument for or against the link that is original writing of the poster. And brief inflammatory arguments on one liners won't be considered legitimate. Additionally posting the content of the link to circumvent the link rule without the meaningful argument or comments willl be viewed as posting the link itself and will be locked or removed.
    2. Inflamatory posts or responses that don't address the ongoing discussion will be removed from any thread.
    3. Calling out of another member will not be tolerated and such content will be removed.
    4. Name calling will not be tolerated. Posts will be removed including any meaningful content they might include. Name calling will include any profanity towards another member, idiot, moron, faggot, or anything remotely similar. If any member repeatedly participates in name calling they will be removed from the forum without notice.
    4. Any member who contunually or repeatedly violates any of the above may be removed from the forum without notice for a period of time or permanently. And no, ***boat isn't a democracy.
    5. Threads that drift off topic may be edited at the moderators descretion.
    I have asked repeatedly that this forum shape up into a meaningful area for legitimate political debate and discussion of issues. I'm through asking. If you want to be a**holes to one another take it to bench racers. And general forum rules will be enforced there as well.

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    I'm going to simplify things for those who just don't seem to get it.
    Link threads without opinions, discussion etc will be removed. A link or copy and paste will only be acceptable if it is to support your argument for or against an issue. Not looking of creative one liners either simply posted to provoke others. I will be the judge and such posts will be removed.
    This includes news site links, videos, OTHER.
    This forum is for political dicussion and debate. It is not a news link site nor a venue to call each other names.
    Those who's purpose is to post to antagonize other members, and / or workaround the spirit of the rules above will be removed.
    I am not here to be your babysitter. I am here to make sure the forum gets participation and meaningful discussion and debate on political related issues. You can participate within the guidelines or not. Your choice. No more warnings will be issued. Threads and members will simply start disappearing until we have left what the forum is intended for.

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