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Thread: Camera Lost at CFW

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    HELP! I have lost my brand new Kodak 5.0 mp
    easyshare camera. It's in a little black case and
    the size of a deck of cards. The last time I remember having
    it was at our camp, but I may be wrong. (due to Beer!)
    If anyone as any information on where I may have left
    it, please, oh please, let me know.
    There are pics on there of the kids and Christmas, so I
    am crushed.
    Thank you Traci

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    I hope it was waterproof......................... Seriously Traci, sorry to hear you lost your camera and I wish I could have made it out to CFW but the weather a few years ago soured me on the wind. Glad to hear you had a great time in spite of it and I hope you recover the memories in your camera. You might want to give Gary a call at CFW and ask around, its worth a try. I cant find his number right now but Im sure someone can provide it.

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    I really hope it comes up, that really is a huge bummer considering all of your family holiday photos on it and all. That damn beer, it will do it to us every time.

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    Try this number---916 408-5037. It is the lake #. Maybe someone turned it in or they will go look for it. Good Luck!!!! It was great meeting you folks :rollside:

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    Doin' Time
    dont worry sure it will turn up...all people up there are good peoples........

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    Monkey Bung
    Check with the Banderlog Guys They might have seen it.

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    I put a post up on Banderlog. I hope it helps in finding it.

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    dont worry sure it will turn up...all people up there are good peoples........
    I sure hope so. Thank you very much for putting it on
    Banderlog as well.
    I love the people up NORTH. That is why we traveled....
    how many freakin hours??? :rollside:
    Thanks for your help, and I did call CFW, and let them know that
    I had lost it. :cry:

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    hell if there are any good pics , ill head over right now - lol

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    Guess what I found in the cupholder of our chair?

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