We have a forum dedicated to Spam only. No more spam (things or services for sale) is to be posted in the regular forums. If you do it will be moved by the moderators. Repeat offenders will be warned then banned if it doesn't stop.
Same Spam rules apply as always. Only boat / toy (personal item) related spam allowed. Not income generating spam ie: Insurance, Real Estate, Investment Opportunities, Time Shares in Bora Bora, etc etc. Use common sense. If it isn't somehow related to ***boats it doesn't belong on the ***boat forum. Commercial spam isn't allowed if not a ***boat paid advertizer and then only in the Spam forum. Buy a banner ad from ***boat if you wish to advertize products or services.
No Spam in signatures allowed. One or two links are ok but NO promotional language. No "For sale this or for sale that". Put it in the spam forum.
Bumping - Use common sense. If you bump a few times and no one bites let it go. Bumping continuously will get your thread deleted by the moderators.