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Thread: Tonight was the first time I've seen Texas play and...

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    I've seen USC play a bunch of games this year. I'll be the first to admit that I'm nowhere near a qualified judge of talent on the college football field but I will go out on a limb here and say Vince Young is one of the best college football players I've ever seen. I don't know if he has a great arm (but he certainly is accurate) nor do I know if QB is the best position for him in the NFL but, I think he might be (should be?) the first choice in the NFL draft (yes, ahead of Bush) depending on the team's needs (and I believe the Texans need all kinds of O-line help).
    Vince Young was amazing tonight. About 200 yards rushing plus all those passes - what a performance! (And I was rooting for USC)

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    Your God damn right Dan.

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    Texas played a great game...hats off to Vince Young....
    Reggie Bush & the Trojans BLEW IT in Q1......

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    Old Texan
    His game just does not translate to the pro level. Everybody is as fast as him and they were all ALL-AMERICANS somewhere. He's got a very slow delivery. He's been projected as the #4 pick to the Jets, but after all the declarations and the combine, look for Jay Cutler and Brady Quinn (if he declares) to climb the board. They are both more prototypical NFL quarterbacks.
    The Texans do not need a QB, they need somebody to block for the one they have. They have a very serviceable back in Dominic Davis. Reggie Bush is not a 25 carry NFL back. He might get 25 touches a game via pass, run, and return, but he's not an every down NFL back. I'd like to see the Texans trade that pick down and draft a couple big o lineman, but they won't. Teams will force their hand to take the best athlete because everybody that wants to trade up wants Leinart and they won't take him.
    Vince is a JR (Arm looks like Bernie K, is all I'l say about that. Bernie with wheels? HMMMMMMMMMM) and if I had to pick an NFL back, I'd grab White. Bush is great in college but not a lock in the pros as far as Sanders, LT, RWilliams, or Caddy W and such.

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    beer hunter
    This was truly a great game. Texas was definitely the better team tonight and deserves the championshipÂ…as for Young, the guy is amazing and should have a successful career in the NFL.
    Awesome game!!!!

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    Young just killed them on the "scrambles" :220v:

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    Sane Asylum
    Vince Young is an incredible athlete, BUT...............He's no NFL quarterback........He'll get some point maybe 3rd or 4th round but no QB has ever been successful with his throwing motion.....
    If he's smart he'll find someone to change/improve/modify that motion. If he keeps that throwing motion, he'll be the best fumbling QB in the NFL. He'll get eaten alive by every cornerback, DE, and MLB that looks at a little film....
    He won the game for Texas.........nuff said........
    Just hope he doesn't think he can be successful in the NFL as is........

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    Tom Brown
    The Texans do not need a QB, they need somebody to block for the one they have. They have a very serviceable back in Dominic Davis.
    Dominic Davis should be working construction.

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    Sane Asylum
    Shockwave Bob....
    Not to hijack.........BUT....
    What the hell does your sig line mean????

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    Tom Brown
    What the hell does your sig line mean????
    It means, "I love you, OG Shocker!"

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