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    Tom Slick
    see this yet?
    No Moor Time Left In Channel?
    by Roger Galloway, TSN
    LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ - City council staff are looking into the destinct possibility of ending all mooring in the English channel. This is a major controversial issue. Mayor Harvey Jackson supports the measure and he just may have the votes.
    It will surely produce an outcry from local businesses and of course, the thousands of boaters who visit the city throughout the year.
    The proposal may also include a ban of all alcohol in the channel. This would effectively mean boaters would have to cruise through the channel and be on their way. Those seen drinking alcoholic beverages could be arrested. Mayor Jackson believes the "party atmoshere" has gotten way out of hand and legislation should be enacted to ban the mooring.
    Mooring & Budget On Council Agenda
    by Monette Wesolek, TSN
    LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ – Lastnight's Lake Havasu City Council work session focused on two topics: enforcement in Thompson Bay and Bridgewater Channel and the 2006-'07 budget.
    The Council requested staff bring recommendations to a future council meeting regarding the Annexation of Thompson Bay and the elimination of mooring and or alcohol consumption in the channel. The hot topic during budget discussions was personnel, and what additions are needed within the police and fire departments as well as within the city service departments.
    Recommendations on this matter will be brought before the council at a later date.

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