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Thread: Happy Birthday Chelle

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    Make sure you make it a great one.

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    Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!! Hope it's a good one!!!!!! :rollside: :boxed:

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    Happy Bday sweetie pie! Can we have a special bday pic please??????????????

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    happy birthday Chelle

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    Thank you all so much! !
    I would post a pic, but I dont have any. I am still having comp. problems. I will get some soon....

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    Happy Bday sweetie pie! Can we have a special bday pic please??????????????
    GRRRR.....I was going to post the same thing....Naughty!!!! :crossx:

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    Happy B-Day Chelle...Hope it is swell... :rollside:

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    It will be this weekend...having a few friends at a friends house for some drinks!! Woo Hoo Drunk Fest...

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    Happy Birthday, Chelle. :smile:

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    Thanks Everyone. I had a good Birthday. Everyone just made all the better.

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